MOTER Technologies

MOTER Insurance Services

Currently in development, our specialty fleet insurance product utilizes MOTER to “right-size” insurance cost using advanced data analytics and telematics scoring. Our unique rating model was developed specifically for the mobility industry to solve the ongoing challenges faced by both insurance companies and fleet owners to retain profitability making insurance coverage more accessible and accurately priced.


Data Driven

Data driven approach to Underwriting and Risk Management

AI Camera Technology

Advanced risk analysis and driver scoring algorithms using AI camera technology that includes driver distraction, object detection, and the environment the vehicle is being driven

Actuarial Resources

Actuarial resources with extensive experience in mobility product development

Rating methods

Modernized rating methods with the use of advanced technology and data-driven insights

Driver Scoring

Advanced risk analysis and driver scoring algorithms An MGA that actively participates in risk management during the policy period to promote safe driving


An MGA with a data science team providing initial and ongoing regular risk analyses and feedback to our insureds, brokers and carrier partners

Insurance For Fleets

We can insure a variety of fleet types, including: