Monetizing modern vehicle data

We provide advanced driving insights to build custom insurance solutions, increase margins, and improve road safety.

Our Solutions

Powered by cutting-edge insights

Transform next-gen vehicle data into next-level auto insurance solutions.

Measure driving behavior 

We analyze speed, GPS, ADAS, radar, computer vision, and more to compute driving scores that open the opportunity for feedback and coaching. 

Evaluate risk and pricing insurance in real-time

Our software processes multiple data inputs from modern vehicles in real-time to optimize pricing and resolve claims faster. 

Ensuring privacy and compliance

We apply our extensive regulatory and data privacy experience to secure your data.

Updating algorithms

Our algorithms continuously learn and improve, designed for easy customization and updating over the air.

Developing insurance products and solutions

We help better understand your customers and build data-driven solutions that cater to their needs.

Focusing on MaaS and CASE

We specialize in unique solutions for Mobility as a Service fleets and Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electric transportation.


Driving higher margins

Data monetization opportunities

Create new revenue streams with insight-driven insurance products and services.

Valuable products and insights

Transform raw, underutilized vehicle data into valuable assets through advanced data science.

Customized insurance solutions

Our expertise in automotive data, insurance, software development, and edge-computing powers us to maximize real-time vehicle data for smarter insurance and logistical solutions.

Backed by data

Operate at the forefront of modern mobility.
Projected global connected car market by 2030
$ B
Current US auto insurance market
$ B
Reduction in data costs by MOTER

Trusted by industry leaders

It’s a very collaborative partnership. Our company is trying to introduce Mobility-as-a-Service offerings, resulting in a lot of unanswered risk questions. So having a partner like MOTER who focus on the science, data, and analytics is extremely helpful.

Jason Zahorik

Group Manager, KINTO

Our partnership with MOTER is a tremendous asset to our company. Using MOTER’s software improves our risk profile and shows our insurers that we’re serious about safety.

Steve Sanchez

CEO, EVmo RideShare Rental


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