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Access innovative insurance solutions that cater to your unique needs and adapt to the fast-changing world of mobility.

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Data-driven insurance

Gain visibility with valuable insights on frequent risk events, driving behaviors, and performance trends.

Advanced computer vision and AI object detection

We equip your fleets with advanced tools to generate Fleet Safety Scores and trip ratings.

Fleet safety score and trip rating

We assess driver performance and risk level through our predictive scoring models.

Access to the MOTER Dashboard

We provide a comprehensive view of fleet performance: collision detection, trip review, behavior trends, and event videos.

Personalized insights report

We analyze fleet performance over time to deliver tailored recommendations on improving performance.


Enhancing road safety

Improved driver performance

Identify unsafe driving habits and provide coaching to those who need it by assessing real-time driving data.

Reduced collisions

Improve fleet safety and minimize the frequency and severity of accidents with our advanced tools.

Personalized risk control recommendations

Optimize fleet safety with real-time analytics detecting hazardous driving behaviors and providing personalized feedback for every fleet vehicle.

Fleet insurance solutions

Discover how we help commercial insurance brokers access insurance markets for their MaaS customers. 

Backed by data

Operate at the forefront of modern mobility.
Projected global connected car market by 2030
$ B
Current US auto insurance market
$ B
Reduction in data costs by MOTER

Trusted by industry leaders

It’s a very collaborative partnership. Our company is trying to introduce Mobility-as-a-Service offerings, resulting in a lot of unanswered risk questions. So having a partner like MOTER who focus on the science, data, and analytics is extremely helpful.

Jason Zahorik

Group Manager, KINTO

Our partnership with MOTER is a tremendous asset to our company. Using MOTER’s software improves our risk profile and shows our insurers that we’re serious about safety.

Steve Sanchez

CEO, EVmo RideShare Rental


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