Mobility on the edge
in real-time

Cutting edge insights for fleet owners and insurance companies

MOTER is a data analytics software platform that leverages a broad dataset from modern vehicles and sensors to provide cutting edge insight into risk and your assets.

It measures performance of vehicles and drivers – down to the mile – allowing fleet owners and insurance companies to better manage risk and protect assets. Providing the tools to accurately price insurance coverage down, on a per-mile basis, by considering the purpose for which the vehicles were used, and exactly how, where, and when they were driven.

MOTER leverages data available directly from connected vehicles and from additional sensors (e.g. cameras) to evaluate driving behavior, location, usage and more.

MOTER – Mobility On The Edge in Real-time-delivers the most benefit by being installed on the edge – on hardware on the vehicle itself. Taking advantage of enormous amounts of data while minimizing data transmission and analysis costs through edge computing.


  • Measures risk more precisely and in real-time
  • Comprehensive driver scoring provided on a per-trip and per-vehicle basis
  • Usage based insurance. Driver score + location + vehicle use + miles driven = “Right-sized” priced insurance
  • Provides maintenance and driver data to fleet owners allowing them to make safer decisions
  • Reduces data costs, storage, and alleviates privacy concerns via edge-computing
  • Instant crash detection with FNOL (First Notice of Loss) sent electronically to claim adjuster
  • Assists in swifter claim resolution by instantly transmitting crash data
  • Instant GPS detection to understand where the vehicles are being driven, and to prevent theft
  • Accident reconstruction based on telematics data collected before and after a collision


  • Protects vehicle assets by offering predictive maintenance alerts
  • Enhanced estimate of your vehicle residual value by tracking how the car is driven and maintained
  • Automatic vehicle GPS detection to understand where your fleet is being driven with real-time tracking
  • Instant collision detection for faster claim handling minimizing vehicle down time
  • Reduces insurance costs by identifying risky drivers and driving behaviors that drive costs up