MOTER Technologies

MOTER Technologies

Mobility On The Edge in Real-time

Cutting Edge Insights for the Automotive and Insurance Ecosystems

MOTER is an edge-computing based data science platform for connected  car data.  Our products are designed to take advantage of the massive amounts of data  available from modern vehicles and sensors. We provide cutting edge insights into risk and assets that enable and insure the evolution of transportation. 


Driving Behavior

Measures driving behavior within context of the vehicle’s environment

Update algorithms

OTA Updates

Update software and algorithms over the air (OTA)

Risk and insurance

Evaluate and Price Risk

Evaluate risk and price insurance in real time

Edge computing

Lower Data Costs

Cut data costs by up to 90% by leveraging edge computing

Privacy and Compliance

Mitigate Privacy Risk

Mitigate privacy risk since the data never needs to leave the car

Our Services


MOTER's platform is designed for automakers and insurers.


We are an MGA and wholesale insurance brokerage specializing in commercial and auto fleet business


We offer a variety of risk management solutions to help fleets protect their drivers and vehicle assets, reduce accidents, and improve insurance costs.

Our Partners